Ubud Art Village Bali Tour

( tour start at 09:00)


Celuk is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause of the local residents is very proactive and full of innovation to the gold and silver crafting. Most of them are Balinese professional, artistic and skillful of design development related to the silver and gold crafting. The productions of gold and silver at this village have penetrated to the local and international market.No Entrance ticket…




The second one stop at Batuan Temple It was built in 944 and  has long history. There are many beautiful reliefs. You may donate money at the gate and write down your name on the note, after that, going through the divided gate as the Balinese style of gate. The gate represents the sacred mountain, and there is the single-leaf like wall in front. They has the meaning that preventing evil coming in. The right side of the entrance, there is the stage for performance as offering, and it is decorated with great reliefs. The front of stage, there are paintings based on the Ramayana Story, and there are reliefs of sacred animal, Garuda. In addition, people are prohibited to expose their legs or shoulder, so visitors also have to wearcloth for waist, Sarung. donation


Mas Village is one of villages in Bali fundamentally identified as an artistic countryside by focusing in artistic of wood carving. Mas Village is located in Ubud sub district and Gianyar Regency, it owns the typical style of wood carving art by placing forward the distinguish synergy the humanism and naturalism, Mas Village popularity as an art village is famous in the national and world level.No Entrance ticket…


Ubud Market, Ubud King Palace, the market has two different parts, traditional market located in the west of arts market, the traditional market sell daily food and open earlier. The arts market sell various of handicrafts, arts and textiles. Next to Ubud markets, Ubud Palace where is the Royal Family live, in evening the outside yard use by the local group dance performance to held Legong Dance, Barong Dance, Ramayana Ballet and Mahabrata Ballet. Ubud area No Entrance ticket…

Transport by kusnadi tour :450.000 Share with number of your participants max 5 pax
Ticket performance : rupiah/person
Total Entrance ticket cost : rupiah/person


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