Ubud Tour is very exciting to explore deep into Bali traditional village with its social activities and culture as well as Bali village daily life. On this tour many talented artist can be found. Each village had its own Balinese cultural art like gold and silversmith in CELUK, wood carver at MAS village, and famous paintings in BATUAN village, GOA GAJAH elephant cave, TEGAL LALANG wood carving and rices terraces. Itinerary in detail and entrance cost

Places of interest will be visited during Ubud

  • Batubulan village                               : To see Barong And Keris Dance
  • Celuk  village                                          : Observe silversmith, making fine silver jewelry (in Balinese style)
  • Sekaan Village                                       : Traditional Bali “Luwak” Coffee Processing, tropical fruit and Spice Garden.
  • Ubud mongkey forest                         :  Friendly mongkeys and temple inside the forest
  • Ubud Market / Sukawati market  :  The popular art market in bali
Transport by kusnadi tour : idr 450.000 Share with number of your participants max 5 pax

Price Include           : • English Speaking Driver • Petrol • Air-conditioned Car

Price Not Include : • Entrance Ticket • Barong Dance Ticket • Lunch • Personal Expenses


First stop will see the Barong and Keris Dance at Batubulan Village, the performance start at 9.30 am and finish flexible times. The Barong play represent an enternal fight between good and evil spirit. A Barong (a mythological animal) represent good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represent evil one. Balinese people also belived that the Barong is symbol of protector. Many kinds face of Barong, mostly is Barong cat, Barong Landung, Barong Macan (tiger face) Barong celeng (pig face). The ticket cost to see this performance at 100,000rupiahs/person.

Mas Village is located about 15 km in the midway between Denpasar and Ubud with its popularity as the center of wood carving creations, craftsmanship, statues, etc. Each piece of wood carving made by expert carvers and sculptures reflects and exudes the harmonic fusion between nature and human. The tour members will love purchasing some items of souvenirs, both big and small. Apart from Mas Village, Celuk Village is also worth checking out. The area is tranquilly nestled 5 km away from Denpasar city, playing a role as home for both goldsmiths and silversmiths. Here, you will be spoilt for choices for women jewelries and accessories such as rings, bangles, chokers, earrings, mother of pearls, and brooches. No Entrance fee cost.

optional stop at Bali Coffee Agrotourism, Bali Coffee Processing and farming, the place to see various of plantation such as coffee arabica, coffee robusta, pineapple, Balinese snake fruite (salak), plain Balinese potatoes, star fruit, cacao, jack fruit, durian tree and etc, experience to see how to make Balinese coffee, try the best of Balinese coffee or ginger tea with green view river valley. They sell variety of theirs original Balinese coffee products, herb oil and etc, No Entrance Fee


Monkey Forest Include Pura Dalem Inside Monkey Forest Area
One of Ubud’s uniqueness and points of interest is the Monkey Forest. As the main attraction in this site, you will meet the groups of monkeys within the forest are not too naughty and harmful; however you are advised not to wear sunglasses as they sometime steal the visitors’ sunglasses. When you have reached the end of the main road in the forest, you will capture the big sacred monkey forest sanctuary in which almost 200 monkeys are prohibited. Inside the forest, there is also the largest holy and revered temple named the Pura Dalem Agung. The other two temples found within the area are called the holy bathing temple and the Pura Prajapati.Entrance ticket cost at 50.000 rupiahs/person

Ubud Market, Ubud Palace, the market has two different parts, traditional market located in the west of arts market, the traditional market sell daily food and open earlier. The arts market sell various of handicrafts, arts and textiles. Next to Ubud markets, Ubud Palace where is the Royal Family live, in evening the outside yard use by the local group dance performance to held Legong Dance, Barong Dance, Ramayana Ballet and Mahabrata Ballet. Ubud area No Entrance ticket…

Transport by kusnadi tour :450.000 Share with number of your participants max 5 pax
Ticket performance :100.000 rupiah/person
Total Entrance ticket cost : 50.000 rupiah/person






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