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Bali Water Sport

Bali truly a small island, but the harmonious tone that is blown by its nature and people dynamic life makes every corner in Bali is unique attraction worth an appreciation. To ensures that Bali will always be an amazing tourist attraction, besides the nature and culture attractions Bali

Ayung River Rafting

By A True Balinese Experience Balinese Experience is Bali’s leading Balinese Owned Adventure Company. An exciting and dynamic family business, Balinese Experience was established in 1995 to provide locally owned and operated soft adventures with the highest international standards of safety, training and conservation. Balinese Experience began as Ayung River Rafting-the island’s 1st locally owned […]

Bali Mega Adventure

Established in 1998 Mega Rafting is one of  Bali’s leading whitewater rafting companies which is choose the incredible Ayung River for the whitewater rafting adventure, offer the longest rafting trip amongst the other. The Ayung River is

Alam Rafting

Established from 1995,Telaga Waja River are best destination for this adventures ’cause this river has Class Rapid Water from 3 till 4 grade water,’s will be good for Begineer and will give Challenge for Experience,and The water from the